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Design Trends We're Currently Crushing On

We can't believe that we're well into the latter half of 2021. Now that we've had a chance to observe and get inspired by some of the most recent trends, we wanted to share the top five trends that we're crushing on so you can keep your eye out for them!

PHOTO: Team Bull, Leclair Decor


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've all spent more time at home than ever before. We have observed a shift where we are seeing more and more homes being built and designed with inspiration pulled from the outdoors. We love seeing more spaces that are reflections of the outdoors and an increase in rich, natural materials, such as wool, wood, and leather, being incorporated into interiors.

PHOTO: Westmount Project, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: Carp Project, Leclair Decor


In 2021, sculptural accents and furniture have made a comeback in a big way. From curved sofas, uniquely designed accent stools, and contemporary decorative objects, we are loving the resurgence of more sculptural pieces. This trend sees more bold design choices being made when it comes to selecting furniture, and we've loved watching this trend really take off this year.

PHOTO: Boho Living Room Vignette, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: Cedarbreeze Project, Leclair Decor


Making bold choices can pay off when they're made in the right way. The recent bold choices designers are making when it comes to selecting stone and tile is something that we can't get enough of. This high contrast, dramatic touch elevates a space and deserves all the attention it demands. Travertine and heavily veined marble are both making significant comebacks and are being commonly used on fireplaces and in kitchens and bathrooms.

PHOTO: LA Project, Leclair Decor


Having completed projects where millwork design played a key role, to say that we love the growing rise in custom millwork may be an understatement. Custom furniture and quality crafted pieces are always worth the investment when you're looking to achieve a one-of-a-kind design that makes a timeless impact on an interior.

PHOTO: Gatineau Modern Project custom bed and headboard, Leclair Decor


We are loving all of the attention being given to architectural details in 2021. These highly impactful moments add visual interest and create unique opportunities for transitions within your home. Commonly seen in drywall details and entrances to rooms or stairways, these curves add a certain softness to a designed space and will be a long-lasting trend in interiors.

PHOTO: Santa Monica Modern Vignette, Leclair Decor

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