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Designer Tip | 3 of Our Favourite Dark Paint Colours

You know we love the white and bright, but let's mix it up!

We flipped the tone in these spaces to make way for a bold designer look. Adding dark paint to the walls allows for the space to not only be more defined, it lends itself to catch the eye, bringing in an extra wow. Whether you're hosting a dinner party and want to set the vibe in your dining room, or looking for a luxe yet cosy bedroom, here are some tips and inspiration to bring in that moody vibe!

No. 1 | Cheating Heart, Benjamin Moore

Painting not only the wall in this dining room, but the trim and door, create a seamless sophisticated look. This was also designed to minimize a visual break in the wall.

Interior design, Leclair decor, dining room, moody vibe, cheating heart, warm modern

Interior design, warm modern, cheating heart Benjamin Moore, Leclair decor,

No. 2 | Slate Grey, Pure & Original

Adding depth and texture help this guest bedroom suite come together with a lime wash paint & technique. The complexity of organic movement is warmth to the eyes, creating a welcoming environment reminiscent of ancient stone architecture.

LD cabin, Leclair Decor, Limewash paint, moody vibe, bedroom, luxury bedroom, mountain getaway, interior design

Leclair Decor LD Cabin Project Style | Shop the Look

No. 3 | French Beret, Benjamin Moore

This walkout basement boasted enough light to call for a dramatic wall to anchor the space. Painting the walls and builtins the same deep slate, while contrasting the cool tone with a warm wood adds interest and beautiful backdrop for the home.

Leclair Decor Rosemount Project , Style | Shop the Look


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