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Discover the Richmond Project

Positioned to capture an unobstructed view of the sunrise from the most incredible window wall, this home was a dream to work on. Beyond the perk of having a beautiful space as our canvas, the Richmond Project was rooted in complete and total trust from our clients, which is often the key ingredient in the recipe for a successful design project. This trust was translated into calming and contemporary design decisions that amounted to a collection of serene spaces for our clients to make memories in.


At first glance, the sheer height of this living room is what creates such a light and spacious atmosphere. The wall of windows paired with soaring vaulted ceilings made for a show-stopping backdrop to create a serene space that catered to both formal living and relaxed everyday moments.

Maintaining a subtle colour palette and layering textural pillows and throws on the sectional created an irresistibly cozy corner for our clients to curl up in. To establish the design further and allow it to feel intimate amid the expansiveness of the space, we incorporated a solid wood coffee table and plenty of oversized art. Combined with plants and additional seating options, these grounding elements offer an inviting and warm atmosphere to gather in.


Our vision for this space was to create a dining moment that was calm and uncluttered, which led us to play with contrast in a big way. It is often assumed that if you want to create a serene and minimal space you should avoid black and heavy contrast, but we must respectfully disagree with that ideology. The intense contrast in this space added visual interest and prevented everything from falling flat, while still maintaining the inviting, zen feeling we had initially envisioned.

Incorporating organic materials and textures warms a space up and can prevent black and white contrast from feeling too stark. The caning and linen of the dining chairs paired with the textural ceramic and stone elements of decor contributed to an overall ambiance that can be best described as the embodiment of our signature warm modern style.


Bringing a touch of botanicals and mixed materials to the entryway created a welcoming and clean introduction to this home. The curved table was a perfect piece for this space as it provided a surface for styling without feeling too heavy or obstructive. Better yet, the open base gave space for a catch-all basket for loose items to help maintain an uncluttered entryway.


From left to right: Britt Dining Chair, Amber Console Table, Columbia Armchair

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