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Design Details: Chicago Project

You’ve been following along on Instagram since 2020, watching our Chicago project take shape from concept, design, and decorating to build and install. Of course we couldn't be happier with the outcome but most importantly we loved seeing our clients move into their dream home!

We first gave you a glimpse into this project through our blog post Design Details: Introducing the Chicago Project. This gave you a brief overview of the vision, but grab something to drink and take a seat because we are doing a deep dive into the process and final outcome.


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Q&A with the Leclair Decor Design Team

We sat down with the Design Lead and CAD Technician to debrief on their experience.

No. 1 | Tell us about your favourite design detail and how it came about?

Eve: I would have to say the kitchen bench wall. The original layout created by Moment Design & Architecture had a bench floating in front of the kitchen window. This was an idea that we wanted to work with. Rather than flanking the bench with lower + upper cabinets, we designed what are essentially armoires. They feel incredibly intentional in design and function.

Jamie: The millwork in both the study and living room are some of my favourite design elements found in the home. These were two spaces with opportunities to really highlight custom millwork and make a statement. The objective was to lean into asymmetry while honouring our clients wishes for clean lines and balance.

No. 2 | What was the biggest design challenge on the project and how did you resolve it?

Eve: Logistics! Designing on a project of this scale, during the pandemic and being based out of another country presented some unique challenges. We knew communication would be vital for workflow to stay on track - regular virtual check-ins and a comprehensive drawing package helped us trouble shoot immensely.

Jamie: I would say material layout. There was quite a bit of brainstorm on how to make the transition areas throughout the home as seamless as possible.

No. 3 | The space feels very cohesive inside and out, how did you approach decorating for this client?

Eve: The key to achieving harmony in a design is establishing a vision. We have a dedicated phase built into our design process where we focus on the concept overview. During this time we hone the colour scheme, materials / finishes, and design influence. These elements establish the parameters for the project while allowing us enough creative freedom to ensure the finished aesthetic is a true reflection of the client. One factor that was especially vital for this project was making selections using the classic design principles. The build spanned over two years and we wanted a timeless quality in everything we specced from materials and fixtures to furniture and decor.

No. 4 | Can you explain the collaboration that took place between the team designing this project - as well as with the builder and clients?

Eve: Moment Design & Architecture were a dream to collaborate with. Going into the project we were already huge fans of their work and knew them to be incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. Internally we have a strong team both creatively and technically where each of our unique skillsets comes into play to ensure the vision is fully realized. Of course the dynamic with clients is arguably the most important, we were grateful to work with ones who not only trusted us but had a genuine passion for design.

Jamie: Having clients that wanted to be involved, industry professionals that welcomed revisions and a team that shared a common goal made this project not only a success in its outcome but enjoyable to work on in its entirety.

Photo Gallery

Here's a sneak peak gallery featuring some of our favourite spaces! Keep a close eye on our Instagram feed to see more photos.

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