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Elevate Your Home Dining Experience

We don’t know about you, but we’re seriously missing the ability to frequent our favourite restaurants these days. Whether it be for a simple meal out or a celebration for a special occasion, we realize now that going out to share a meal with others is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. That being said, since we’re all staying safe at home, now is a great time to take your home dining experience to the next level (especially leading up to Valentine’s Day!) Today we’re sharing our favourite ways to make dining at home feel extra special, even if it’s just for serving your favourite takeout dinner!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ivory/Navy Linen Napkin, Julie Napkin, Grey/White Stripe Napkin


If we are starting at the base of your tablescape, we must first mention the importance of the linens you use. If you’re looking to create a truly formal dining experience at home, consider using a tablecloth as the canvas on which you’ll be creating your tablescape. Regardless of whether you use a table cloth or not, adding linen napkins is a must when looking to create a sense of sophistication for your table. Including linens adds texture and warmth to your table settings while providing a more environmentally conscious option - a true win, win situation if you ask us.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Burgundy Beeswax Taper Candle, Kone Candlesticks, Aidan Everlasting Candle


There’s no way you can think of an upscale dinner without immediately thinking of candles on the table. There’s just something unquestionably romantic about dining by candlelight and we recommend embracing every opportunity to use candles at your table. Set the right mood by avoiding harsh and bright lighting at your table, and instead opt for a collection of beautiful candles to illuminate your dining experience.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Matte Gold Fable Cutlery Set, Fable Pasta Bowl, Spoon and Spatula Set


When we say refined, we’re not referring to the traditional wedding china and silverware that ends up collecting dust in a box somewhere. Refined tableware to us is stylish, long-lasting, and can be used for both everyday use as well as for special occasions. Because let’s be honest, every day can be a special occasion if you want it to be, and by investing in beautiful tableware you can make serving any meal a more elevated experience.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Magnolia Leaf Spray, Lagrus Grass Bundle, Faux Eucalyptus Leaf Branch


Fresh, dried, or faux - the options are endless! Botanicals are one of the best ways to bring life and a personal touch to your table. We love to include botanicals in our tablescapes and experiment with different types depending on the season or occasion. Remember, incorporating botanicals goes beyond flowers and foliage in vases. It can also be including botanicals along the center of the table or even amongst your napkins and silverware.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Westboro Pitcher, Pacific Vanilla Serving Bowl, Camden Vase


Setting your table is a great way to get creative and showcase some pieces of decor that you love. Think about including decorative serving trays, bowls, vases, and other small pieces of decor that suit the palette and theme you’ve selected for your table. Something as simple as arranging fruit in a bowl, or candles on top of a beautiful tray, can immediately make your tablescape feel intentional and upscale.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and that you'll be creating more beautiful tablescapes while we're all doing our part and staying safe at home. For all of your tabletop needs, check out LD Shoppe's curated collection of products!

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