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Gatineau Office Reveal

Most of us agree that it’s nice to be able to work from home. But to work from a home office like the one we created at our clients’ home in Gatineau would be the DREAM! What started as a bit of a catch-all dumping ground with ultra basic big-box furniture is now a tranquil, light-filled space where we imagine productivity skyrocketing and morning coffees being peacefully sipped. Today we’re chatting with Meredith, the designer behind this project, on how this space came to be, including that beautiful custom waterfall desk and all the paint/product details!


Q: What were some of the challenges in creating an office space thats functional for what the client required but ultimately creating a beautiful space?

A: This room is adjacent to the front door so it’s one of the first spaces you see when you walk in. For this reason, it was really important for the room to not only function well as an office but look great too. The space is also on the smaller side at 10' square, so we maximized storage by running the cabinetry floor to ceiling and wall to wall. We added visual appeal and function by balancing open shelving (closest to the entrance) with closed cabinetry on the far side of the desk. We included our bestselling Silas chair, a side table, rug, gallery wall and curtains to make the room feel cozy and not just like a formal work space. It’s now somewhere you’d want to curl up with a book and bask in the afternoon sun.

Q: What are some interesting features of this built-in/project that you’d like to highlight? A: There are a lot of unique little details in this built-in. My favourite might be the waterfall detail on the white oak desk; whose exposed ledge cuts through the floor to ceiling closed cabinetry on the right. I love the white oak interiors on the cube shelving and how they balance the concealed storage, making this office practical and simple, yet anything but boring.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the client?

A: These clients were the sweetest family of three that grew to four just as we were wrapping up the project. They share their home with their sweet bulldog pup, Leo!

They love travelling and we were so happy to get to use some of their personal travel photography for the gallery wall.

Q: Why did you go with a built in option versus a floating desk and book shelf option?

A: Doing custom built-ins really allowed us to maximize space and function, and was really worth it, especially in this smaller space.

Q: How would you describe this colour palette?

A: This colour palette is clean, cool and practical with a touch of warmth added by Farrow & Ball’s Lamp Room Grey (millwork) and the natural white oak details.

Design Details

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore on the walls

Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Ball on the cabinetry

White oak wood with a natural stain

Sconces and ceiling fixture are both from Cedar & Moss

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