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How to Create A Beautiful Home Office That Works for You

The more we’re all working from home, the more we can appreciate the importance of having a home office that you love to be in. A beautiful home office should keep you feeling organized, productive, and maybe even help make work feel less like work! Keep reading for our top five tips to creating a beautiful home office that works for you.

PHOTO: Hudson Project, Leclair Decor


The desk and chair are the heart of the home office, so picking the right ones is crucial. Think about the size of the desk as it pertains to the room you’re in, but also think about the amount of workspace you need to help you get your work done. Both of these are important factors to consider when choosing a desk. As for the desk chair, it is a functional way to add visual interest and style to your home office. Be sure to explore different materials and designs before committing to the seat you’ll be spending your days with!

PHOTO: Mapleview Project, Leclair Decor


The lighting in your home office is so important, now more than ever. The lighting you select can help create the right kind of ambiance for you in your home office, which definitely beats the fluorescent workplace lighting many of us are used to. We suggest layered lighting in your home office to help suit different needs, such as being on the computer and needing less light, versus writing on paper and needing lighting coming from above your workspace. And these days especially, you can't forget that lighting also really helps with making sure you show up to your virtual meetings looking your best!

PHOTO: LA Project, Leclair Decor (photo by Chad Mellon)


It’s still January, so we know you’re all likely still on a post-holiday organization kick! While you still have this momentum, we encourage you to think about how to best organize your home office. We at LD love to recommend organizing home office spaces with beautiful pieces that can sort and conceal your work materials so you don’t have to look at them outside of working hours! We love including statement bookcases and bookshelves which are perfect for organizing, but also a way to incorporate a personal touch into the space with your favourite photos and decor.

PHOTO: Gatineau Project, Leclair Decor


Having a work space that feels welcoming and warm undoubtedly plays into how productive you are while working. Unfortunately many of us have fallen victim to the cold and sterile feeling workstations that are the norm in office buildings. But, when you’re working from home you have the freedom to create a space to work from that is somewhere you actually want to spend time in. Textiles are a simple and fun way to warm up a home office. Whether it be adding decorative cushions, a beautiful rug, or a throw over the back of your chair, it’s the small details that can really add warmth and personality to your home office!

PHOTO: Gatineau Project, Leclair Decor


Last but not least, we have to talk about the decor! The decor is where you have the opportunity to really incorporate some personal touches into your space. Each of the aforementioned categories certainly allow your personal taste and style to come through, but the decor can allow you to make your space even more personal to you. For example, adding art to the walls and framing some of your own photos are great ways to make your office more welcoming and feel more like your space. We also love including elements like botanicals, coffee table books, and unique decor pieces when styling shelves in offices to really tie the room together.

So, there you have it! Our top five tips for creating a beautiful home office that works for you. If we’ve inspired you to refresh your home office with pieces from LD Shoppe, we want to see what you’ve created. Use the hashtag #MyLDShoppe on Instagram and show us your beautiful home offices today!


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