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Leclair Home Ensuite Reveal

It is essential to take the necessary time to care for ourselves and relax. Whether it be with a eucalyptus infused shower or a long bath, ensuites are the ideal location for indulging in an at-home spa moment. This week, we are highlighting the Leclair Home Ensuite and sharing our favourite ways to bring that luxurious spa-like feeling to your home.


Lighting is one of the first things that can set the right ambiance for a room. In this ensuite, the layered lighting includes subtle pot-lights in the ceiling, statement sconces in between the mirrors, and integrated lighting in the shelving and under the vanity and in the shower. The serene, dimmable lighting in the shower is a project favourite and highlights the subtle texture of the tiles on the walls, adding an elevated level of luxury to the space.


One of the reasons we feel so relaxed when we’re in a hotel bathroom or a spa is, in large part, due to the lack of clutter. It takes careful planning and custom solutions, but when you have the right vanity and storage integrated into the design of your bathroom, you can avoid counter clutter at all costs.

The Leclair Home ensuite features a custom-made vanity that is a focal point in the space and keeps any possible clutter tucked away out of sight. Solutions like this ensure that all of your storage and style needs are met and will result in a focal point for your space that is entirely unique to your space.


The built-in towel ladder poised just outside the shower is the perfect place to hang plenty of towels and has been a conversation piece since its installation. There are few things better than designing a piece that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical, and this towel rack truly found that sweet spot where form and function collide.


The sense of smell is not one to be ignored when creating spa-inspired spaces. To finish the styling, the Leclair Home Ensuite was complete with soaps and lotions in soothing scents, and a bundle of dried eucalyptus in the shower to create the most serene experience possible. Paying homage to our sense of smell, whether it be through candles, essential oils, or body products, proves to be an effective approach to creating an ambience that is felt immediately upon entering a space.


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