Leclair Home Main Bedroom Reveal

When Melissa and Sacha first moved in, their main bedroom looked nothing like it does today (you can find their before and after Instagram post for proof!) Because the main bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, it will come as no surprise that our design team thought about every possible detail in this space. The Leclair Home is a place where we can really curate spaces that embody the warm modern style we’re known for, and this project was the perfect space to showcase what a beautiful LD bedroom looks like. This project has been in the making for some time now, but today we’ll be walking you through the Leclair Home main bedroom and giving you an inside look at this incredible transformation!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Justine Bed, Richmond Nightstand, Blainville Bench


Before diving into the decor, we must first acknowledge the changes that were made in order to create the perfect backdrop in the space. Fresh white walls and engineered hardwood flooring were a must when taking on this project. Though some fear that wooden flooring can make a room feel cold, we truly believe that warmth and wood floors can live hand-in-hand in your homes. For the Leclair main bedroom, this light, wooden flooring freshens up the space and is made to feel cozy with this gorgeous rug. They also opted for new black windows which frames the beautiful natural light that this space receives and added a wooden casing the to the beam on the ceiling which compliments the warm tones from the floor.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lina Linen Pillow, Yoni Pillow, Mocha Pillow


We know we’ve done a great job designing and styling a bedroom when the first thing people want to do once they have their space back is climb into the well-styled bed we’ve made for them. The bed is the heart of any bedroom, and the biggest consideration when creating the most inviting bed possible is the styling of the sheets, throws, and cushions that have been curated for that particular space.

In this case, the bed was styled with three layers of decorative pillows, which is what we recommend as a baseline for styling pillows and cushions on your bed. Pairing the oversized blue linen pillows, with the rich cognac leather cushions, and a single, patterned lumbar pillow provided a warm and sophisticated feel to the bed. Two throws were also layered at the foot of the bed to add even more texture and visual interest, and a soft rug was chosen to go under the bed. By adding all of these layers in the textiles, the end product was an undoubtedly inviting and beautiful looking bed.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Harvest Plaid Throw, Nova Rug, Crinkle Cotton Muslin Blanket

Another incredibly important kind of layering in a bedroom is in the lighting in the space. By having multiple light sources layered throughout different planes of the room, you have the ability to create many different types of atmospheres in the space. To achieve this in the Leclair main bedroom, you’ll see that there is a gorgeous pendant light hung high in the space, as well as table lamps on each of the nightstands. And to really ensure you have the most relaxing lighting possible in your main bedroom, be sure to include dimmable lights on your list of must-haves - they make an immense difference and once you have them you won’t know how you ever survived without them!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Prague Table Lamp, Franca Pivoting Chandelier, Toulon Table Lamp


If you're familiar with our work, seeing a high-contrast addition to the main bedroom in the Leclair Home will come as no surprise to you. As we often do, we selected a piece that was not only a dark contrast in an otherwise light room, but also a contrast in that it is a bold, architecturally interesting piece that truly stands out in this space. In this project, this statement piece was the Franca Pivoting Chandelier that hangs among the vaulted ceiling. The chandeliers modern look contrasts well against the organic wooden beam it is suspended from and acts as a stunning focal point in the space.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tornem 9 Drawer Dresser, Kotav Mirror, Shore Canvas


Leclair Decor's designers are firm believers in always taking the time to do things right when it comes to our design projects. You never know what kind of bumps will appear in the road, so in order to succeed in this industry it is critical that you remain patient and willing to adapt to whatever challenges come your way. In this case specifically, the biggest challenge faced was due to limited stock supplies and major shipping delays the we are seeing globally due to the pandemic. Patience was key in completing this project, and waiting for those final pieces to arrive is never easy, but it is always worth it in the end when you see your vision come to life right in front of your eyes.

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