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Leclair Home Main Bedroom Reveal

Designing a serene main bedroom means creating a space where you can start and end your day in peace. Our homes so heavily impact the way we live each day, so every decision must be made thoughtfully in order to curate homes that influence us to live our fullest lives. In the Leclair Home Main Bedroom, each detail was selected with intention and care to bring this calming and contemporary space to life. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing all of the details that went into creating this blissful bedroom.


Fresh white walls and light engineered hardwood flooring were must-haves to create the foundation of this project. The natural light that pours into the room practically floods into every corner due to the bright white walls. Black window frames bring a punch of contrast to this airy space, making the windows a bold focal point.


Oversized blue linen pillows paired with rich cognac leather cushions result in relaxed yet sophisticated styling. The layered throws and a soft rug bring an elevated feeling of comfort and ease to this space, making it one you can just imagine not wanting to leave in the morning.

Layered, adjustable lighting is essential in creating serene bedrooms. The sculptural mixed metal pendant brings substance to the spacious room and directs ambient lighting throughout the space while the lamps on the nightstands create lighting ideal for reading in bed. Opting for dimmers on all fixtures will be what makes the biggest difference in ensuring the ambience is always right, and once you have them you may not remember how you ever lived without them.


The Franca Pivoting Chandelier that hangs among the vaulted ceiling is an eye-catching, architecturally interesting piece that truly stands out in this space. The modern metal stands out against the organic wooden beam and creates a brilliant focal point that brings a touch of high-contrast.


We are firm believers in always taking the time to do things right the first time. In the Leclair Home Main Bedroom, the biggest challenge faced was due to limited stock supplies and major shipping delays that we continue to see globally due to the pandemic. Patience was key in completing this project, and though waiting for the final pieces to arrive is never easy, it is always worth the wait when you see your vision come to life.

For more behind-the-scenes access to the Leclair Home Main Bedroom, watch the full tour on YouTube!


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