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Our Powder Room Reveal

We finally did it. Ha! This powder room, located right in our front entrance, was one of many projects we put on our to-do list when we bought this home. It was just budding with potential and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. But… with babies under foot and a growing businesses taking up a lot of our time, we discovered that projects for our own home were frequently pushed to the back burner until further notice.

This year we were determined to tackle, and FINISH, at least one real reno project in our home. We needed to be realistic, so we decided that the front entryway would be the perfect place to start. We had already painted it out and updated the lights, centering them to where we hoped a new vanity would one day sit.

Tile Selection

The first step in our process was to select the tile that would run through the entry way and powder room. We loved the idea of herringbone (I have yet to get sick of it) and having a family (dirt) friendly grey tone was at the top of my list. Does anyone else’s entrance turn into a sandbox during the summer months?!

Tile selection time.

We gathered our thoughts, polled our followers (we love getting your opinions!) and eventually selected a medium grey tile with some subtle veining. It happened to coordinate beautifully with the grey faux concrete finish we’d done on our fireplace.

Custom Vanity

Next on the list was a custom vanity, which we knew early on we wanted to boast ample storage, as our front entryway is a little lacking in that department. Style? Warm and modern! Classic shaker drawer fronts and white oak finish to add warmth. We finished with a fun & trendy leather handle to amp up the style.

Custom Vanity Design by us | Built by Inwood Renos

We are so, so happy with how it turned out! We now have extra storage for toilet paper, sunscreen and all the odds and ends that end up lying around in an entryway.

Brizo Faucet


The faucet was an easy choice. We both liked the idea of black and Sacha really wanted a widespread style (a centred faucet and two separate handles). We loved this one from Brizo’s Jason Wu collection. It’s modern, simple and is the perfect high-contrast addition to this space.

Milton & King Wallpaper


The wallpaper was a bit of a struggle. This Milton and King White Rock Wallpaper in Silver was actually my first choice, but I really had to sell Sacha on it; he thought it was too simple. I gathered a few more options to review, but my heart was really set on this one so I kept pushing and eventually he caved! I’m so happy with how it turned out (and so is Sacha!). I think it adds the perfect subtle texture to the room. The mirror and sconce combo was also a struggle for us, and we went back and forth on a number of combinations before settling on the final combo.

Final Detail: Hidden Vent

We discovered Aria Vents after the tile had been installed (which is too bad, because if you install it before the tile, don’t see the plastic rim) and are so happy we did. They look amazing and you can replace floor, wall or ceiling vents throughout your home matching the material being used for seamless and stylish airflow!


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