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Portland Cottage Reveal

Cottages have undoubtedly become a signature part of Canadian living. Having a beautiful spot to enjoy nature and get away from the chaos of our everyday lives is such a special thing and, thanks to the Leclair Decor team, the Portland Cottage serves as the perfect place for its residents to do just that.


These clients wanted a comfortable, approachable home-away-from-home that felt well designed and purposeful. They were looking for a muted and neutral colour palette and wanted to use materials and finishes that felt rustic and natural, without being dated.

One of the most special parts of this project is that the cottage sits nestled in the woods in Eastern Ontario, with a stunning view overlooking Big Rideau Lake. This natural setting heavily influenced the palette used for the project and inspired many of the decisions surrounding the project’s design. As you can see, the warmer neutrals and soft blues and greens play off of the environment that surrounds the Portland Cottage and help bring an organic and dimensional feel to the design.


Throughout the process of designing the layout of the cottage, all the way to selecting the furnishings for the space, one thing remained a priority: to create a space that encourages connection. Portland Cottage has an open concept floor plan that integrates the entrance, living room, dining room, and kitchen, making it the perfect room to gather in.

We love that the space continues even further outside, with direct access to the spacious deck overlooking Big Rideau Lake. This cottage truly is a place to connect with family and friends, while disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


When styling the Portland Cottage, our team was careful to select pieces that created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the clients. In the living room, this meant lots of cushions on the couch and plenty of cozy blankets nearby. Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the living room was important to our clients because it fosters the kind of welcoming feel that they were dreaming of for their cottage.

For the decor, our stylists made sure to select pieces with character, and if you look closely you’ll notice that many of the pieces had a vintage feel or a textured, rough surface. Bringing in those rustic and historic elements helped create the relaxed feel the client was looking for and complimented the natural surroundings of the cottage. It was also important that we incorporated some pieces from the client's personal collection, such as the vintage jug and wooden boat on the coffee table, so that they felt the space was unique to them.


When asked about her favourite elements of this project, our lead designer was quick to highlight the custom interior doors that were designed and built for this cottage. “I am still so obsessed with the custom panelled green interior doors that we had made and painted in Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon” she shared, “this subtle detail was the perfect special touch to elevate the space without making anything feel too precious.”

Our lead stylist also shared one of her favourite parts of the project and emphasized how much she loved the setting of the cottage. As the structure is surrounded by large trees and a view of the water, she shared that she “really wanted the styling to compliment all of the natural beauty, because the location of this cottage is truly what makes it the perfect lake house.”

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