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Refresh Your Home for Spring

For the readers out there who have never visited our hometown, Ottawa, Ontario, you may not realize just how exciting it is for us to be transitioning into spring. In most of Canada the winters are long, snowy, and sometimes so cold that your face hurts, and Ottawa is no exception to this. When the days start feeling warmer and the snow begins to melt, you can understand why we want to celebrate and embrace all things spring. So, if you're also looking to bring that fresh and new spring feeling into your home, read along for some of our designer's favourite ways to refresh their homes this season!

PHOTO: LD Shoppe Dining Room Vignette


One of the simplest ways to freshen up your home for spring is by bringing natural elements, like flowers and greenery, into your home. Bright greenery and light florals instil a sense of calm and prompt us to think of all that the new season will bring. By styling botanicals in a beautiful vase or pitcher, you can bring new life to your dining room, your coffee table, or any other styled surface in your home. And, if you want those botanicals to last all season long, consider faux greenery which can often pass as the real thing and still bring a fresh feel into your space!

PHOTO: Sunroom Project by Leclair Decor


It's time to tuck away those cozy blankets you've been snuggling up with all winter and bring in something new for the spring. Consider swapping out any darker hues and heavier materials for lighter and brighter pieces. Pieces like linen cushions and light, cotton throws will bring an entirely new feel to your space. If you want to take things even further, consider a new rug or runner for a more high-impact change to your space! Light tones and subtle patterns often feel much more spring-like than heavier wools and bold patterns, and by making changes like this you can heavily influence the atmosphere of any room.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe Product Display


It's true, our candle consumption may hit an annual high around the holidays. But, if you're anything like us, you'll quickly be coveting the scents of spring and searching for ways to bring them into your home! Consider infusing your home with smells of fresh citrus, bergamot, lavender, and jasmine. These light and spring-like smells can be brought to you in the form candles, room sprays, and essential oils and we're certain that they'll provide all of the aromatherapy you need this season.

PHOTO: LA Project by Leclair Decor, Photographed by Chad Mellon


Changing up the styling of your shelves, or a coffee table, is a small task that can make a big impact on your space. This spring, consider incorporating the old with the new when it comes to your decor. You can do this by finding new and beautiful ways to pair some of your favourite old pieces of decor with new pieces in your collection. Our designers suggest mixing organic elements with sculptural pieces, and incorporating softer and lighter tones, to create new and fresh compositions for decor in your home.

There you have it, our designer tips for having your home feeling fresh and new for spring in no time! To shop our favourite pieces to adorn our homes with, explore the beautiful offerings over at LD Shoppe!


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