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Revealing the Gatineau Modern Project

For this busy family of five, creating a home that was both beautiful and functional was an absolute must. And in order to create spaces for beautiful everyday living, our team took on designing multiple rooms in this family home. From the stunning front entryway remodel, all the way to the spa-like ensuite, we’re thrilled to be sharing the Gatineau Modern project with you.


As much as gathering as a full family is important, it’s also important for every family member to have their own sanctuary at home. So, when asked to do a complete remodel of the main bedroom in this home, our design team knew they had to create the perfect space for these wonderful parents to relax. Our designers took care of absolutely every detail in the space in order to create a hotel-like environment for our clients to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

One of the biggest changes to this space was the adjustments made to the floorplan, which ultimately removed the original walk-in closet in order to add additional space to the ensuite, as well as the secondary bathroom. Though walk-in closets are coveted by many, the choice to incorporate a European-style closet instead ended up resulting in one of the most show-stopping elements in this space. The beautiful black oak wood combined with the illuminated glass shelving in the unit make for a piece that is both highly space efficient, while also adding an elevated feeling of sophistication to the bedroom.

And though we were utterly infatuated by the custom closet, this custom bed frame makes for some serious competition when it comes to picking favourites in this space. The king-size bed frame was designed by our team and built beautifully by Timberware. Pieces like this walk the line between furniture and art, and we cannot help but admire the gorgeous reeded wood detailing in this the headboard. The finishing touch of selecting sconces over side table lamps truly makes every aspect of this design look and feel intentional.


The Gatineau Modern ensuite is a bathroom that we just can’t get enough of. The combination of light wood and warm greys makes for an undoubtedly serene space that feels like an in-home scandinavian spa. The soft texture of the wall tiles allows light to gently play off of it’s surface, and it’s details like this that have the ability to take a space to the next level.

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By absorbing some of the space from the original walk-in closet, the designers were able to incorporate this incredible soaker tub that is perfectly positioned in front of the window. The teak side table was selected to add a warm, organic element to the space, and it acts as a perfect spot to set your book, or beverage, while enjoying some self-care time in the tub.

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Our team made sure to create a bathroom that would suit the needs of three kids now, as well as a space that could be transitioned to be more mature as they grew older. This bright and playful space embraces clean lines and modern finishes, while featuring fun elements like pops of patterned wallpaper and colour. In order to maximize mirror space and make the space feel even brighter, the designers layered glass pendants over the mirror which disperses the light and adds visual interest to the space.

This vanity was custom made for the family and we love how it acts as such a fun accent piece in the room. It even includes pull-out stools that make the space accessible for even the smallest of family members! We adore incorporating thoughtful ideas like this into our designs as it really makes a space feel personal and made for living in every day.


This truly is a space that makes working from home a tranquil experience. Our love for custom pieces continued when the design team created this statement shelving unit for our clients home office. In a smaller space, optimizing storage is key - but to do it beautifully, that's where we love to come in and design the perfect piece. There are many unique details in this built-in, but the waterfall detail on the white oak desk is truly unique. The accent of white oak interiors on the cube shelving contrasts subtly against the concealed storage, making this office practical and simple, yet anything but boring.


As it’s the first impression of the home, we were thrilled to be able to give the front entryway in this project a complete makeover. The most impactful component of the entryway redesign was the modernization of the staircase. We opted to remove the curved staircase and replaced it with a 90º angle, a decision that completely changed the feel of space. These stairs feature gorgeous maple treads and black steel balusters that give the space a clean and open atmosphere, providing this family with a beautiful space to welcome them home every day.

The final addition this front entryway design was a stunning console, and this piece was nothing short of perfect for this space. This light oak console brings warmth to the space and acts as a surface that can be styled in countless ways in order to bring a fresh feeling to the space. The gorgeous woven baskets fit perfectly in it’s base and give each child a spot to store some of their outdoor pieces, helping keep the space clean and clutter-free.

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Thank you for taking the time to explore one of our latest projects. If you have any questions about our design process or pieces we used in this space, we encourage you to comment below so we can get you all of the details you need!


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