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Sunroom Project Reveal

This beautiful warm and inviting sunroom is bright even on those gloomy days.  A timeless addition to a home located in the Ottawa, Carp area which elevates indoor/outdoor living and may just be anyones favourite spot in the house to feel warm and cozy. Our talented designer Marcela Guitierrez was the creator behind this stylish space, who helped her clients achieve a look that would suit their needs and lifestyle. Home is a place of comfort where one can relax and unwind or host and entertain. This setting is a great place to do just that! Scroll below to find out how this room came together and let us know in the comment section if you have any further questions.

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Q & A

Q: Where did you draw your inspiration from and was this project a collaborative process with the clients? We always try to have a collaborative dynamic with our clients and work with them to achieve a space they love coming home to. This room used to be an outdoor deck which is now an extension to both indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is a comfortable place to lounge while watching the kids swim in the pool and play in the yard, or watching TV and socializing. The inspiration came from knowing how they would like to use the space. Q: How would you describe the overall aesthetic of the project? Warm Modern is our signature look and overall aesthetic for this sunroom. I tried to incorporate unique textures with the shiplap detail on the ceiling, the layered textiles, and decorative accents. 

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Q: Typical sunrooms have indoor/outdoor furniture, what made you design this space with indoor furniture?  This sunroom was created as a four season addition where the family could hang out and enjoy all year long, therefore indoor comfortable furniture was a great choice to design the space with. The heated floors add a touch of warmth on those chilly days or evenings and serve as a well thought out extension to their existing home. The beautiful Cirque rug grounds the space and brings another element of comfort.

Q: Would you suggest having window coverings or drapes to help with direct sunlight on furniture in the sunroom? Drapes and window coverings are a wonderful way to make a room feel complete. The drapery adds privacy and brings pattern and texture for a layered look.

Q: Were there any challenges designing this space? Having doors on all four sides of this sunroom was a challenge while designing this space. We wanted to make sure there was enough room to circulate throughout with furniture placement and the several entry points.

Q: If someone wanted to create this look in their home what are the main features or pieces that you would suggest investing in? A: Investing in comfy seating would be a great starting point to recreate this look. This large sectional is a main feature in this space. Adding layers and accent pieces like the occasional chairs, wood coffee table and the rug are all other elements that add interest, functionality and comfort. Another main feature of this space was the cathedral high ceilings in which we added the shiplap for visual interest. If someone wanted to recreate this look without cathedral ceilings they could still apply this application onto the ceiling or walls. Using white paint on the walls provides an airy space and neutral canvas to recreate the warm modern look.


Well, it’s safe to say that we are very jealous of our client's sunroom. It is the perfect space to cozy up on a cold winters day, a rainy spring day and we can just imagine all the fun that will be had here in the summertime with the doors WIDE open.

Do you have any more questions for us or Marcela? Leave them in the Comment Section below and we’ll get to them ASAP.


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