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Sustainability Starts At Home: Eco-Conscious Living

With Earth Day around the corner we wanted to share some thoughts on sustainability and making environmentally conscious choices in your home. It can feel overwhelming but just remember that each small effort makes an impact, and everyday is an opportunity to prioritize the health and future of our planet. Keep reading for our top five sustainable home practices to adopt!

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No. 1 | Maximize Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient appliances and LED or natural lighting are excellent places to start. Quality insulation and a smart thermostat are great opportunities to reduce energy consumption and your overall carbon footprint.

No. 2 | Mindful Materials Selection

When selecting materials for your home consider sourcing locally, and picking non-toxic paint / finishes. There are so many natural or recycled options when it comes to textiles. We love organic cotton, bamboo, linen, jute and recycled polyester.

No. 3 | Reducing Waste

From composting and recycling to choosing eco-friendly / refillable home cleaning products there are endless ways you can cut down on how much from your home ends up in the landfill.

No. 4 | Water Conservation

Each year more and more manufacturers are releasing options for low-flow plumbing fixtures, and while your plumber is on site remember to have them check for any leaks. Another easy way to reduce water consumption is a rain barrel for your gardening needs.

No. 5 | Making The Investment

Choosing high quality furniture and decor means your pieces will last a lifetime. When shopping be sure to check for key words and certifications like; FSC, Greenguard, GOTS, and reclaimed, upcycle or recycled material.

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