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Tips to Make Your Home Merry & Bright This Holiday Season

We know that the holidays are going to look very different this year, but that's not to say that they’ll be any less special. During a year that has us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s especially important to make our spaces as merry and bright as possible. This blog post includes a series of styling tips and tricks from our team to help you make your home festive for the holidays!


Greenery is a timeless way to decorate for the holidays and to bring warmth and beauty into your space. There are different tones of greenery that compliment each season, so with the current holiday season upon us, we’re using classic winter hues of forest greens and earthy browns. This holiday season, try incorporating cedar, spruce, pine branches and magnolia leaves in your home decor. These types of greenery look great styled in a vase, on a fireplace mantle, staircase bannister, or even displayed on your dining table. Wreaths are also a great option when you’re decorating with greenery for the holidays!

Check out some of our favourites below:


We like to keep it simple with tree ornaments by using a consistent colour palette. Our LD Shoppe tree for 2020 was decorated with bows of rich burgundy satin and champagne-coloured velvet. We then added dried magnolia leaves throughout the tree which added a pop of festive greenery. The creamy, white pom-pom garland added an element of vibrance and contrast, while the burlap ribbon built volume and elegance within the tree. Layering different textures and finishes is a great way to provide contrast and visual interest.

Fun Tip: Don’t be shy - try something different for the treetop ornament. This year we used a magnolia leaf as a subtle way to top the shoppe tree!

Check out some of our favourites below:


Setting a table is like setting up the backdrop and mood for an event. Including candle holders is a great way to add dimension and height to the table and create a sense of warmth. Investing in cloth napkins and napkin rings is another way to add texture and a touch of elegance to your table. In our 2020 holiday tablescape at LD Shoppe, we chose to display a linen runner down the table with magnolia garland greenery placed on top. Our vision was to keep everything simple and elegant, with a touch of festive greenery!

Check out some of our favourites below:


Wrapping gifts, it’s like the icing on the (fruit) cake! This year we decided to showcase a minimal look by using brown craft paper, and then dressing up the gifts with ribbon that was similar to the burgundy colour palette used for our ornaments. We also added botanicals when styling the gifts by incorporating magnolia leaves and spruce branches. When it comes down to it, whether you choose to use colourful wrapping paper or craft paper, remember to always keep the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in mind.

Check out some of our favourites below:

And there you have it, our designer’s tips for decorating your home for the holiday season this year. We invite you to try one (or all!) of these techniques in your own homes and encourage you to tag #MyLDShoppe on Instagram if you’re styling your home with our products. We wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season, and all of the best in 2021!


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