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Top Tips for a Relaxing Guest Bedroom

Hosting season is nearly upon us! Family and friends will soon be flooding your entryways and we're here to help you create a relaxing space for them to lay their heads. This week, we're sharing our top design tips for a welcoming guest bedroom your loved ones will never want to leave! But don't worry...they will.

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A cozy, inviting guest bedroom begins with a soft rug underfoot. You want your guests to feel at home when they enter their space at the end of the day. It's likely your guests won't be staying longer than a week, so look for functional furniture pieces. You'll want a place for guests to store their luggage, whether in a closet or under the bed, and a place to tuck away personal items - think large, simple nightstands with storage.

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Quality textiles are a great way to enhance the comfort level of your guest space. Invest in high thread-count sheets, layered bedding, and pillow options to provide multiple solutions for sleeping needs. We recommend machine-washable materials and pillow covers that can be easily removed for cleaning between visitors.

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Many of us love to curl up with a good book to wind down at the end of the night. Consider selecting bedside table lamps or sconces that can be turned on and off from the bed rather than a bright overhead light fixture. Natural light is lovely to wake up to but make sure the bedroom is furnished with blackout shades or curtains that can be drawn in the evening so your guests have a restful night's sleep!

PHOTO: Portland Cottage | Leclair Decor


Guest bedroom styling is ideally simple yet thoughtful. Coffee table books, vases, and small sculptural pieces make the space feel lived in. Bedside or dresser-top botanicals like eucalyptus are a warm, welcoming touch. Candles and fragrances may add to your guest's experience but look for options with a lid to be mindful of scent sensitivities. We also love a basket with items they may have forgotten or may need during their stay such as: tissues, a pain reliever, a toothbrush, chapter books, and a phone charger.

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PHOTO: LD Shoppe | Leclair Decor

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