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Top Tips for Surviving Your Home Renovation

At this very moment, we are so close to the end of our home renovation! We know first-hand that living through large projects can be challenging, so we're sharing our tips to help you survive AND thrive when your home is a construction zone.

1. Get organized, like REALLY organized. Knowing when everything is happening and where everything is will save you from so many mid-renovation headaches. Do yourself a favour and get your organizing done before the renovation begins. It helps to have a specific storage area and we highly recommend using clear bins so you can see and access all of your things!

2. Make sure you have a designated 'escape place' from renovations. Even if it's just one room, give yourself a space to disconnect and relax without looking at (or thinking about!) renovations.

3. Make the most of the process. If the kitchen is out of commission, order takeout from your favourite spot and enjoy a picnic on the living room floor with wet wipes and compostable plates and cutlery for easy clean-up. Need to escape the chaos? Go explore your neighbourhood and get outside for some fresh air. No matter what, just do your best to keep things in perspective and trust the process!

4. Document the adventure. We love to take you along for the ride during our renovations, but it's important to document this process even if it's just for yourself. It will help you see the progress and remind you how far you've come!

5. Last, but not least, set realistic expectations and be patient. Even if you're going through a major renovation that has been meticulously planned, you need to know that there will be dust everywhere, hiccups happen, and there are just some things that are totally beyond your control. Maybe the piece you've been waiting to have shipped was delayed again, you ordered the wrong size for something, or an unexpected cost came up. When it comes to home renovations, know that a little patience goes a long way and that it will be okay in the end!

Going through a home renovation right now and have some additional tips? Let us know below!

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