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Vintage Art Collection

Art is an element in a space that brings personality, ignites a feeling and creates visual interest. When designing a space, art can be used as a jumping off point for inspiration and has the ability to connect colours and style to the overall aesthetic of the space. Art has always been an integral component of our interior design projects and has inspired us to put together a special collection of old world charm.

The launch of our vintage art collection brings to life a series of portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. These vintage art prints complement our Warm Modern signature look and brings warmth and character to a styled space.

Our curated prints feel eclectic, like you have found and collected them over time adding to the historical charm and antique quality of the piece. Each image embodies a narrative and a feeling that individually speaks to the viewer, which is the unique nature of art, in that it draws our attention and speaks to our individual senses. We feel that with any piece of art, finding something that speaks to you is a beautiful way to showcase your personality and style.

These featured art prints work effortlessly together or simply on their own, creating the perfect addition to your gallery wall, styled bookshelf, and space. The best part, these prints are in stock, in store, and ready for pick up! 

Check out the full collection below:

We have selected large substantial pieces as a focal point to draw your eye in on the arrangement when displayed in a grouping. Each artwork features soft brush strokes, a timeless warm colour palette, and are individually displayed in a variety of sizes and unique frames. These classic vintage prints will bring personality and a touch of charm to your home.

View the full collection and shop the Vintage Art Release at LD Shoppe!

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