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Weekly Warmth: Holiday Hosting How-Tos

The Weekly Warmth is a reminder to take time for yourself—something I’m always making an effort to do throughout our often hectic business and family schedule. Here, I share a weekly collection of fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and design favourites, along with uplifting stories, helpful tips, and more. With the Weekly Warmth, we can all come back to a creative space and find special moments in the everyday.

We're just a little bit excited to be able to finally gather family and friends for a good meal in our home this year. As I start planning our menu, I've collected some of our favourite recipes sure to make your holiday hosting a success! I hope you draw inspiration from the little things that brought me warmth this week.

PHOTO: Melissa Leclair in the Leclair Home Kitchen | Shop the Look

1. Whether or not you're cooking a traditional turkey dinner for the holidays, this Bon Appétit stuffing recipe is a must-have. My family can't live without it! Tearing apart the bread gives added texture to this dish, while the combination of herbs and spices brings back fond memories of family traditions.

2. These sugar cookies are so easy to make ahead of time and are also a fun at-home activity with the kids. We picked up extra sprinkles and decorative candy canes to take them to the next level.

3. We love green beans as a side dish any time of the year. For the holidays, they're easy to elevate with a little hit of parmesan as seen in this recipe.

4. Caprese skewers are such an easy, crowd-pleasing appetizer to make ahead and have on hand. This recipe from Love & Lemons is so simple and makes hosting a breeze!

5. A love a celebratory glass of Prosecco or a rich red wine at a holiday meal! My favourite red is the Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon. It's reasonably affordable and typically easy to track down.

6. We listen to a chill Jazz playlist almost every evening. It's the perfect way to wind down and, if you're hosting this season, it's great background music to enjoy good food, conversation, and the moment.

7. An ornament is a great party favour for your guests to take home at the end of the night if you're having more of a formal affair, while a holiday scented candle makes a simple, practical host gift!

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