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A Case for Mixing Materials & Finishes

Whether it be mixed metals in your kitchen or a combination of textiles in your living room, mixing contrasting and harmonic materials and finishes brings a space to life. The following tips will help you resist the temptation to adhere to monotonous palettes and encourage you to make bolder decisions when it comes to selecting the materials and finishes for your home!

PHOTO: Team Bull, Leclair Decor


If you haven’t already, we recommend adding visual interest and experimenting with mixed metals in your bathroom finishes. Though it may feel unnatural at first, when done thoughtfully, mixed metals can create an elevated, custom look and feel in your powder room or ensuite.

PHOTO: Riverside Modern, Leclair Decor


Decorative objects are a great place to start when layering and mixing materials as they are simple to swap out. For those who are more comfortable with less committal design decisions, try brightening up your shelves with touches of brass or black accents to add a punch of contrast to your styling.

PHOTO: Cedarbreeze Remix, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: Richmond Project, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Textiles are found all throughout the home and provide ample opportunities for adding colour, pattern, texture, and contrast to designs. Whether it be window treatments, cushions, throws, or rugs, we suggest playing with the textile elements you select and consider creating contrasts by mixing hues, patterns, and material types.

PHOTO: Richmond Project, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

PHOTO: Team Bull, Leclair Decor


Selecting unique tiles is one of our preferred ways to add variety and texture to bathroom and kitchen designs. As tiles often stand alone in a space, consider making more adventurous choices that contrast textures or add substance to the room through the use of timeless patterns. Though they may feel cold, tiles have the ability to add warmth to your design when chosen intentionally.

PHOTO: Leclair Ensuite, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

PHOTO: Westmount Kid's Bathroom, Leclair Decor

Do you have questions about mixing materials and finishes? Ask us in the comments!


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