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How to Mix Patterned Textiles Like a Pro

Today on the blog, we’re laying the simple groundwork for a styling strategy that can seem daunting to many—mixing patterned textiles. Keeping colour, location, and scale in mind will result in a pattern selection that looks both intentional and effortless.

PHOTO: Portland Cottage | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

Define Your Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette for your space will inspire your styling selections. We recommend selecting colours that you naturally gravitate toward as they’ll best express your personal style and will make the mix and match process that much easier.

PHOTO: Leclair Family Room | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

Variations in colour palette will impact the final style of your space. An analogous colour palette will have a softer effect as these colours sit next to one another on the colour wheel. On the other hand, using a complementary colour palette will bring bold contrast to your room. Either option allows you to mix tones and patterns within the scope of the palette to create a well-styled look.

PHOTO: Addison | Leclair Decor

Location, Location, Location

The location of your pattern blend will dramatically impact your space. Using pattern on larger areas such as the walls or a sizeable area rug will make the pattern the focal point of the room.

PHOTO: Westmount | Leclair Decor

We typically recommend finding moments within your room where you can mix and match patterns in small areas to achieve a seamless and cohesive look among the prints. Try mixing patterns, prints, and textures in your wallpaper and curtains, or with your pillows and throws or bedding.

PHOTO: Richmond Project | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

Play With Scale and Print

This is the fun part! Working within your colour palette and your defined space, you can mix away - pairing soft floral patterns with bold stripes or geometric motifs, paying attention to the scale of the prints you select.

PHOTO: LA Project | Leclair Decor

We like to choose one textile that features a busier or smaller scale print and style that alongside a classic stripe or checked print for contrast. Round out the group with a solid colour for a place to rest the eye—you’ll see how this instantly grounds the look. Feel free to use solid colours that still feature texture, such as leather, linen, or velvet.

PHOTO: Leclair Home Main Bedroom | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

Pattern Practice Makes Perfect

Incorporating pattern and print in your textile styling can be an intimidating task. We suggest working within your comfort zone and selecting pieces you love that use patterns in small but impactful ways until you feel like a pro. Starting with throw pillows and blankets is an approachable way to play with pattern and print and change up your look as inspiration strikes!

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