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Quick Tips | Spring Dinner Party

As the sun melts away the last memories of Winter we are looking forward to embracing the thaw. Nothing feels more like Spring than a home filled with fresh blooms, the scent of seasonal cooking and laughter of loved ones around a table! We're sharing a few tips for setting your tablescape and two delicious salads we can't get enough of.


In both design and decorating this year we are pleased to be seeing a shift to more earthy tones and textures. Pulling inspiration from nature we have created a collection for decorating your next dinner party. Click the link below to shop the collection, and keep reading while we break down the three key design elements we used to get the look.

No. 1 | Colour

When building your tablescape consider starting with a colour scheme. This will help dictate selections for dinnerware, linens, decor and florals. As long as you're working within the pallet whatever you select will feel cohesive. We wanted to keep within a warm neutral palette to allow our bright salads to steal the show.

Leclair Decor, Colour Scheme, Earth Tones, Neutral Palette,

No. 2 | Texture

Think about mixing at least 3 different textures. We built off the oak wood table pairing bespoke woven palm placemats with artisanal ceramic dinnerware, then adding in soft linen napkins, rustic terracotta and a pop of shine with gold cutlery.

Leclair Decor, Textures, Oak, Gold, Linen, Ceramic, Terracotta, Rattan

No. 3 | Scale

Playing with scale will give life and dimension to your tablescape. In this instance we not only applied scale by layering dinnerware but being mindful of our centrepiece. A slightly lower set vase with airy greenery and thin candles means guests can still see across the table, converse easily and pour a friend a refill.

Leclair Decor, Scale, Layering, Centrepiece, Dried Florals, Greenery, Candle


Is there anything better than a weekend trip to the farmers market? Seasonal fruits & vegetables, sampling artisanal goodies and a warm loaf of sourdough. Sounds pretty perfect to us! We pinned two tasty recipes that we cant get enough of. The perfect sides to any of your go to entrees.

Leclair Decor, Dining, Dinner, Recipe, Salad, Spring

Leclair Decor, Dining, Dinner, Recipe, Salad, Spring


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