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The Essentials Pillow Collection

We absolutely love being able to furnish and decorate our client's homes with all kinds of pieces from LD Shoppe, while also providing our shoppe customers with a curated collection of pieces to bring our warm modern signature style into their homes. One of our latest endeavours has been creating the Essentials Pillow Collection, a limited collection of exclusive pillows designed by our team, that we know you'll love just as much as we do!

PHOTO: The Mabou Lumbar Pillow, styled at LD Shoppe

When designing the pieces for this collection, we wanted to make sure each pillow felt like a little luxury in itself. These pillows were made to evoke a feeling of simple elegance; the kind of elegance that is timeless and finds the delicate balance between standing out, and blending in.

PILLOWS (From Left to Right): Morell, Minas, Montague, Mabou

The pieces in this launch feature neutral colours and simple patterns that will easily elevate the look of any space you style them in. These pillows pair beautifully with one another, but they can also be styled with pieces you already have in your collection at home.

PILLOWS (From Left to Right): Minas Lumbar, Montague Lumbar, Morell Lumbar

The pieces in the Essentials Pillow Collection are all available in multiple sizes, which make them perfect for styling in a multitude of rooms and spaces in your home. Whether you're looking for a full set of pillows to style on your bed, or a select few to add to your living room, these pieces were made to be seamlessly incorporated into your homes.

PILLOWS (From Left to Right): Mabou Lumbar, Morell Lumbar, Montague Lumbar

An important consideration of this collection is that we wanted the fabrics to exude decadence. We believe that the pieces are so beautiful that the quality is apparent as soon as you lay your eyes on a pillow in this collection. In order to achieve this, we were very selective when choosing which fabrics and materials to use and we are so happy to have been able to create these stunning and long-lasting pieces.

PILLOWS (From Left to Right): Mabou, Morell Lumbar, Montague, Minas Lumbar

We have had the pleasure of partnering with a seamstress right here in Ottawa, and are proud to have each piece in this collection be handmade locally. We felt that having the Essentials Pillow Collection designed and made in Ottawa makes these pieces all the more special and we cannot wait for you to be able to experience them for yourselves!


Want to learn more about styling pillows? We encourage you to read this blog post of ours and be sure to comment on any questions you may have about this collection. We would love to give you more information about how to best bring these pieces into your beautiful homes!


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