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Weekly Warmth: Tiny Joys

The Weekly Warmth is a reminder to take time for yourself. Here, I share a weekly collection of fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and design favourites, along with uplifting stories, helpful tips, and more. With the Weekly Warmth, we can all come back to a creative space and find special moments in the everyday.

February is feeling very transitional for me. We’re somewhere between the holidays and springtime, we’re on the cusp of so many new things at LD, and I’m moving forward with personal goals for 2022. We have a lot to get done in this short month! This week, I’m sharing the tiny joys that have helped anchor my week and look to the future. I hope you draw inspiration from the little things that brought me warmth this week.

  1. As public measures slowly begin to lift in Ontario, I’m dreaming of intimate gatherings at home with friends and family. Our lives can be rather hectic, so I like to keep appetizers simple with our favourite Farm Boy Lime Tortilla Chips and Spicy Kale Eda-Yummy Dip. It’s SO good! You can fancy up your presentation with a stylish tray or board.

  2. Sometimes, it’s the little things that help anchor my week. After a busy day, the four of us love to gather in our family room and pile on the sectional to watch some TV and wind down together.

  3. Speaking of sectionals—they’re for snuggling! We launched our made-to-order Didi leather sectional this week and I just love the cozy vignette that our team created with it. If leather’s not your thing, the Haven and Finnigan sectionals are some of my favourites.

  4. These are my absolute favourite pants for wearing around the house. I already have them in black and grey. They are incredibly soft and can easily be dressed up for a casual get-together.

  5. An eventual return to some normalcy has me thinking about a getaway! Sacha and I have been watching Ryan Shirley’s videos on YouTube and getting inspired to plan future adventures.

  6. Coming off of a very busy month, I’m setting aside time to focus on myself. We’ve been hard at work setting new goals for LD, and I’m simultaneously making time to set personal intentions. To share a few:

  • I want to feel holistically healthy this year. I met with a naturopath, I’m scheduling time to work out each week, and following the healthy habits that fuel a soulfully fulfilled me. I’m finding a balance between seeking adventure, giving, resting and resetting. I can show up as my best self when my cup is full.

  • I’m making time to learn. I want to learn new languages, how to be a better partner, a better parent, and a better CEO. I want to evolve and become a better version of myself for me, the people around me, and the global community.

With love & gratitude ♥,


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