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Weekly Warmth: Sharing the Love

The Weekly Warmth is a reminder to take time for yourself. Here, I share a weekly collection of fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and design favourites, along with uplifting stories, helpful tips, and more. With the Weekly Warmth, we can all come back to a creative space and find special moments in the everyday.

We approach every holiday with a minimalistic mindset. Sacha and I love to celebrate without too much pressure and do our best to enjoy the moment. Valentine’s Day is something to look forward to in the winter months and is a great excuse to reflect on ALL the special people in your life. Love comes in all shapes and sizes so sneak in an extra snuggle with your fur baby, spend time with your family, plan an outing with a friend, or maybe even seek out a new connection. Sending a thoughtful note or simply picking up the phone are also great ways to let someone know you’re thinking of them. It might be just what they needed. This week, I’m sharing all the ways I’m spreading the love this Valentine’s Day. I hope you draw inspiration from the little things that brought me warmth this week.

PHOTO: Melissa Leclair in the Leclair Home Main Bedroom.

  1. Sacha and I try to squeeze in a dinner date at some point throughout Valentine’s week. We find picking an alternative day can be a bonus, as it’s easier to get a reservation at our favourite places! I love a classic little black dress for a special occasion and have been eyeing a few options from Revolve.

  2. Listening to music is a great way to create a fun, calming, or romantic energy no matter your plans this year. We fell in love with the album All the Way by Susie Arioli a few years ago and often play it on a romantic night at home. It’s important to find music that helps you unwind from busy everyday life and to be present and open to connection.

  3. My favourite Valentine’s Day memory with Sacha is our very first one. We took a stroll in downtown Ottawa during Winterlude, grabbed hot chocolate, and just chatted while taking in the amazing ice sculptures. It was a comfortable connection and I remember feeling that this would be the first of many.

  4. Our curated Valentine’s Day boxes make a thoughtful gift to brighten a loved one’s day this season. I also LOVE candles so I always recommend a new scent or an old favourite for almost anyone on your list.

  5. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to treat yourself! I can’t get enough of Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird. Her starter set is perfect for everyday wear, and these new U-Link earrings are perfection!

  6. Valentine’s Day is for the kids too! Pancakes are a fan favourite in our house, so I’ll be whipping up this gluten-free mix on the 14th. I spruce up the recipe with coconut oil, a tablespoon of chia seeds and ground flaxseed, as well as a few shakes of cinnamon and diced apples. Yum!

  7. I’m a sucker for a good love story. I recently enjoyed a fun read with The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. I also loved the Netflix series Bridgerton for its theatrical twist on romance. I’m currently re-binging Season 1 ahead of the Season 2 premiere this spring. Highly recommend it for a cozy night in! We also do our best to teach the kids about love and friendship from an early age and have spent many bedtimes reading I am Human as a family. It’s about loving yourself and having empathy for others. LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Little Book of Duggee Hugs are also great choices—because hugs make everything better!

With love & gratitude ♥,


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