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5 Fresh Botanical Moments For Your Inspiration

Welcome to FYI: For Your Inspiration! Here, we take a closer look at some of our favourite LD projects to inspire every room in your home.

Spring is just around the corner—we promise! Botanicals signal the revival that comes with each spring season. We believe greenery has a place in every room in the home—the real thing infuses a fresh scent while faux looks good all season long. Escape into five of our favourite fresh botanical moments and explore new ways to bring spring into your space!


1. Earthy Elements Entryway Moment

This new styling moment from LD Shoppe is all about the elements. Coupled with wooden and woven materials and organic shapes, the live olive branches styled in this patinaed jug add dimension and bring the outdoors in. Bonus—olive stems will last for weeks in water and even longer if dried!

Shop the look here.

2. Richmond Dining Room

We love pairing botanicals with fresh produce in our kitchen and dining styling to embrace the bounty that the new season brings. The fruit arrangement adds pops of colour to a neutral colour palette and can be easily swapped out every week to keep the space feeling fresh.

Shop the look here.

3. Leclair Home Ensuite

Botanicals have a place in every room, including the bathroom! Greenery such as live eucalyptus can act as a natural diffuser with its pleasant, relaxing fragrance. We like to hang bunches of eucalyptus downward on the showerhead or on a nearby hook to allow the steam to release the plant's stress-reducing oil (just make sure the leaves don’t get too wet!). Indulge in a spa moment every morning!

Shop the look here.

4. Rosemont Office

Plants and natural elements in the office are shown to boost both productivity and creativity. We love this mix of florals, foliage, and moss on open shelving to breathe life into a workspace. Moss is an LD favourite—it’s adaptable to so many vessels and allows you to play with height. Plus, it's as low maintenance as it gets and looks great no matter the season!

Shop the look here.

5. Sculptural Statement Living Room

Ok, so while we’re loving the eucalyptus styled on this coffee table, it’s the faux olive trees that steal the spotlight thanks to their scale. At 7-feet tall, these realistic, faux potted trees add the perfect spring touch to our LD Shoppe vignette and help frame this special architectural moment. Their modern yet timeless look is a great way to accentuate high ceilings or bring life to any space!

Shop the look here.


LD Garden will be in full bloom at the Shoppe over the next few weeks. Shop live botanicals, faux stems, pots, planters, and more!


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