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Make It Warm Modern

Warm Modern style is our calling card. It distinguishes our work and defines every space we create. And—it’s simple. We believe that a home comes to life when crisp, modern lines are paired with warmer textures and natural elements.

The LD look is modern, textural, high contrast, and warm. Our spaces are sophisticated yet comfortable, curated yet cozy. While each of our designs is rooted in what you love and how you live, the pillars of our signature style are apparent in every finished space we produce. We’re breaking down the key elements of our Warm Modern style that help us to create one-of-a-kind spaces inspired by you.


1. High contrast

A high contrast palette is the foundation of our spaces. To us, there’s no duo more iconic than black + white. Incorporating hints of black will instantly elevate any space, making a bold statement and providing a place to rest the eye.

2. Brass

Brass isn’t going anywhere. A mix of brass + gold tones is a signature element of our relaxed, modern look. We love the warmth that brass brings to a space.

3. Modern hardware

We tend to opt for sleek and subtly detailed hardware in modern finishes. This is where mixed metals come in for a curated, designer feel.

4. Natural stone

We’re all about the subtle movement and organic feel of natural stone against the clean lines of a modern space. Balance is everything.

5. Warm wood

Visible wood grain brings so much lived-in character to a space. Natural oak, warm walnut, and black-stained ash are some of our favourites.


6. Inviting upholstery

Upholstered furniture should be as comfortable and inviting as possible, all while holding its own in a designer space. We gravitate toward classic shapes and textured, neutral-toned, high-performance fabrics in foundational furniture pieces like sofas and beds.

7. Bold artwork

We typically opt for pieces that are big, bold, graphic, and commanding. We’ve got a particular soft spot for black + white landscapes and graphic abstracts.

8. Hints of leather

No space is complete without a pop of rich, warm-toned leather—or a good dupe for the real thing. It’s one of our go-to choices for ottomans, pillows, and benches.

9. Botanicals

Trees, plants, and flowers breathe life into any space. Nothing beats a large tree in a bright corner or a lush spray of greenery as a centrepiece.


10. Statement lighting

Any space is elevated by purposeful layered lighting. We choose striking lamps, sconces, and ceiling fixtures that command attention and set the tone for our entire project.

11. Curated styling

We play with the scale, texture, form and function of decor items. Textural sculptures, artisanal pottery, and oversized coffee table books are some of our styling staples.

12. Pattern + texture

Our spaces always feature layers of subtle pattern and texture. We love patterned rugs + pillows, linen-textured curtains, and woven baskets + throws.


Our full-service interior design focuses on high-end remodels and new builds, serving clients across North America via industry-leading software and all modern means of digital communication. Learn more about our design services here.


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