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We believe that a sense of home is foundational to human happiness, and that every home deserves to be beautiful.

Our approach is one that consistently pairs our signature Warm Modern aesthetic with the personal taste and functional needs of our clients. We offer a streamlined, digitally integrated project management system which ensures that one unified vision is at the forefront from the early stages through to the finishing touches. 


Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or hoping to breathe new life into an older home, our team has the design talent and technical experience to make the process as efficient as possible and create something amazing. 

Our clients are people who see the value in a carefully executed, custom-tailored vision for their home. They understand that the investment and patience required are well worth it in the end. They love our work, trust our process, and share our vision.


Modern Interiors
to Call Home

LD Home Family and Dining Room .JPG

The Design Studio

Founded and co-owned by husband and wife team Sacha and Melissa Leclair, Leclair Decor is a full-service interior design firm that serves clients across North America.

Interior designers Melissa and Sacha Leclair
Warm modern living room design by Leclair Decor.

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