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The Art of Custom Storage

At LD, our design projects always apply our signature Warm Modern aesthetic to not only the personal taste of our clients but their functional needs as well. We create interiors for elevated living, and we firmly believe that ‘living’ requires an organized home that works for you.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we love designing custom storage solutions. It allows us to bring our clients purposeful function while making an impact from a design perspective. You DON’T have to use a one-size-fits-all cabinet, wardrobe, or desk. A bespoke piece gives us endless possibilities in terms of colour, materials, finishes, hardware, door profiles, and more. We’ve created custom solutions for just about every room in the home. Check out a few of our favourite projects when it comes to creative custom storage.



We used custom storage in this multi-purpose basement to define a workspace that also flowed with the rest of the room. It’s a great example of how custom storage can strike the perfect balance between form and function, blending open shelves for the display of curated decor with integrated closed storage to tuck away clutter—all while making a dramatic statement.

Gatineau Modern

The custom European-style closet in this main bedroom ended up doubling as storage and one of the most eye-catching elements of the entire space. The closet’s floor-to-ceiling dimensions maximize storage, while the beautiful black-stained oak inset with natural oak and illuminated glass shelving makes for a very special moment. This is a great example of how mixed-material custom millwork can make your storage solutions the main event! We also designed the king-size bed frame to walk the line between furniture and art, with a reeded wood headboard and integrated storage underneath the bed.

Leclair Home Kitchen

When designing our kitchen remodel, we worked with the existing footprint to find clever ways to maximize storage and make the most of the space. Without additional space for a conventional pantry, we designed a shallow wall of custom cabinetry to create functional storage and plenty of room to keep smaller appliances out of sight. Our toe-kick baking sheet drawer is probably our favourite storage feature!

Leclair Home Ensuite

In our own ensuite, we carefully planned custom millwork solutions to help us avoid a cluttered countertop and maintain the serenity we had envisioned for the space. Our custom-built vanity combines functionality with elevated details for a bold focal point that is entirely unique to our space. We also chose to make use of potentially wasted space at the end of the vanity with open wood shelving for additional storage and select decor.


Ready-Made Designer Favourites

Custom-built storage can of course come at a higher price point. If you’re looking for plug-and-play solutions to streamline your home organization, check out some of our design team’s purposeful favourites from LD Shoppe!


Visit our projects gallery to see how we design more spaces our clients love to live in.


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