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Weekly Warmth: Making the Most of Winter

The Weekly Warmth is a reminder to take time for yourself. Here, I share a weekly collection of fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and design favourites, along with uplifting stories, helpful tips, and more. With the Weekly Warmth, we can all come back to a creative space and find special moments in the everyday.

There’s no doubt we live in a COLD part of the country. Sacha and I both grew up in the Ottawa region, so although we’re used to it, it doesn’t make getting outside in the wintertime any easier. We’ve come up with creative ways to enjoy the outdoors year-round—with and without the kids, both outdoors and in. This week, I’m sharing my favourite ways to make the most of winter. I hope you draw inspiration from the little things that brought me warmth this week.

Photo: Sacha & Melissa Leclair near the future home of LD Cabin.

  1. The kids love getting outside, so we’re always looking for outdoor activities that will keep us moving and at least a little warm. Wherever you are, or wherever you’re headed, find a local outdoor skating rink, either manmade or natural. Recently, we found a rink in Mont Tremblant near the future home of LD Cabin, as well as at Ottawa City Hall, and of course—the Rideau Canal. We’ve seen rinks popping up at wineries and other more traditionally warm-weather attractions as well. You could find a new one almost every weekend of the season! We buy used skates for the kids at Play it Again Sports each year. Their great rates make sense since they outgrow them so quickly at this stage.

  2. It’s no secret that we love to ski. Even if you only have access to a small hill nearby, it’s a great way to spend the day as a family. And you can always find lessons for kids and adults alike! If you have a snow-filled weekend, you could also head to a local designated tobogganing hill for hours of entertainment. Our kids are loving the Zipfy sled, which we lovingly call “Zippy”. It’s light enough for them to carry around and lug back up the hill.

  3. There are so many ways to enjoy winter as a couple too. When we get time to ourselves, even just a few minutes, we love to go out for a walk in the snow together. It’s a great way to find some time to chat and reconnect. We’ll either stroll our neighbourhood or take a drive for a change of scenery.

  4. We also love to visit Nordik Spa-Nature or Scandinave Spa for a winter date night. It’s so gorgeous to enjoy the thermal pools when the snow is falling. We of course also love our backyard hot tub and highly recommend finding accommodations or just a friend with a hot tub you can borrow!

  5. Making room for some “me” time is so important in the winter months when seasonal blues can often creep in. I love to cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea and either watch a lighthearted show (currently rewatching Friends for the tenth time) or read/listen to a good book. At the moment I’m listening to both the WorkLife with Adam Grant and goop podcasts which cover a variety of thought-provoking topics and reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens—a best-seller that I didn’t have the chance to read when it was first released.

With love & gratitude ♥,


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